Print Design Even though we are in the Digital era, we as a team equally agree upon the power of traditional print media. We take in account of the every single details here right from the heigh of the Billboard to the kind of colours on the Page 3, as we at Sinewave believe that the tangible nature of Newspapers, Handouts & Hoarding leave a long lasting impression like no other form of advertisement.
We worked on Newspaper inserts for this popular Chettinad Restaurant brand. The insert was based on their new introduction of their signature breakfast buffet at select outlets. The catchment areas for these inserts were carefully picked to make sure we reach the right set of audience.
Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan
Be it a family on a pilgrimage, a group of friends on a weekend getaway or a newly wed couple on their honeymoon, We all love hitting the winding highways on a weekend. We designed these billboards and dine in menu for Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan.
Being a brand in the traditional & bridal wear Business, It's very important to keep reminding our audience about our collections and offerings. We have used different mediums such as print ad, newspaper inserts etc to keep our audience constantly aware of the brand aesthetics. Considering our Hoards attracts a wide range of passers by including- office goers, students and shopaholics we have gone ahead with bright & catchy colours for the hoarding at Cathedral Road, Chennai.
GN1917 is a 100 year old incense brand originating from southern Tamilnadu. They have a range of products that cater to markets around the world. Here are some of the work done for their store Point Of Sale promotional content for their stores & distribution centres across the country.